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A Trusted Legal Ally For U.S. Companies Investing In China

If your U.S. business is considering an investment in a Chinese company and in becoming a part of the Chinese economy, the lawyer you should consult with is Justin J. Shrenger, founder of our firm, the Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, A Professional Corporation (JJS APC).

Mr. Shrenger has studied Chinese language and culture since 1984. He founded our firm in 1994, and he has devoted his career to the representation of Chinese doing business in the United States, and Americans and other non-Chinese doing business in China.

Mr. Shrenger has acted as the American counsel to some of the largest, most prestigious companies within China, and he has offered legal services to companies ranging from NYSE-listed public companies to startup entities. His role as virtual “of counsel” attorney consulting companies seeking to invest in others, in U.S. or China, has typically occurred within the wireless industry.

Regardless of the nature of your product, service or long-term objective, the expertise and efficiency on display at JJS APC can be instrumental in helping you to reach your goal.

Simplifying International Transactions

To many expansion-minded executives and business owners guiding the fortunes of American corporations, doing business in China or pursuing transactional issues, there can be a daunting, confusing task.

While admittedly there are serious, complex hurdles that must be overcome when pursuing investment opportunities and doing business in China, many issues can be resolved and business plans may be laid and implemented with certainty, so long as appropriate planning is carried out beforehand.

JJS APC can be an invaluable resource for companies exploring investment in China. While some intermediaries may owe an obligation to a Chinese counterparty, we are committed to protecting the rights and interests of its clients. Throughout the process, Justin J. Shrenger will explain every aspect of the legal process to you, so are always apprised of your prospects.

Access To A Valuable Network Of Professionals

In order to protect clients’ business interests in China, JJS APC draws upon an elite network of legal and business professionals in China. Our attorneys can truly assist any business in promoting its business interests and protecting its rights and property in China.

Thanks to Mr. Shrenger’s knowledge and insight into both U.S. and Chinese commercial culture, and his fluency in the Chinese language, JJS APC renders easily understandable, accurate and insightful advice on how to establish and promote a business without conflicts of interest, exaggeration or overly optimistic wishful thinking. These abilities are major reasons why our firm has become a major player on the legal side of Sino-American business relations.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Advance Your Business Goals In China

Contact American and Chinese investment attorney Justin J. Shrenger to arrange your initial consultation. Call 800-785-7031 toll free or reach JJS APC by email message.