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Handling A Wide Range Of Legal Issues In The U.S. And China

Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, APC, is a trusted source of legal guidance and advocacy for U.S. companies doing business in China and Chinese entities with interests in the U.S. Having studied Chinese language and culture since 1994, our attorney, Justin Shrenger, provides seamless communication in the complex process of conducting international law. This can provide exceptional value to companies doing business overseas, where a single mistake in protocol or inflection can change the course of a transaction.

Trusted Legal Services In China And The U.S.

JJS APC handles a broad range of legal matters in Los Angeles, throughout the U.S. and in China, including:

  • Establishing contracts: From drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts to litigating them, JJS APC can protect your interests in both day-to-day transactions and momentous mergers and acquisitions. Do your contracts represent your specific wishes? Do they do so in both English and Chinese? You can gain confidence by working with a skilled international law attorney who is fluent in both languages.
  • Intellectual property: Attorney Justin Shrenger can protect your intellectual property rights by establishing copyrights, patents and trademarks, and handle any litigation that arises over the use of your property. He has extensive experience handling intellectual property matters in a broad range of industries, with a special emphasis on the wireless industry.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Interests Overseas

Whether you do business in the U.S., China or both, we are prepared to handle any transactions or litigation that arise. To arrange a legal consultation with our experienced international law attorney headquartered in Los Angeles, contact us online or by telephone at 800-785-7031.