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20 Years Of Experience Litigating In China

At the Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, A Professional Corporation (JJS APC), in Los Angeles, California, we use our founder’s more than 20 years of experience, fluency in the Chinese language and proven problem-solving skills to seek resolutions for court disputes between companies inside China, those receiving business from the U.S. and those interacting with each other.

Because the subject of heritage is often taboo in the United States, the effect of cultural background on transnational business disputes is a subject that receives far less discussion and attention than it should. People from different cultures conduct themselves and interact with others in a different manner, and the presentation of clients from foreign nations in domestic disputes raises numerous difficult and subtle issues that require expert preparation.

A Pioneer In U.S.-China Litigation

JJS APC and our principal attorney have been involved in this area since the inception of modern business relations between the PRC and the USA. Unlike litigators who must work with translators, Justin J. Shrenger personally has the linguistic and cultural ability to prepare Chinese witnesses for presentation in American litigation and to prepare American witnesses for dispute resolution in China, plus the litigation experience to be able to harmonize such preparation with the realities of dispute resolution.

Effective Communication Can Make Or Break A Case

Our Chinese litigation legal services include assistance in all aspects of client communication, legal documentation transaction and litigation support matters, and client assistance and control matters. These services are delivered by JJS APC to small and medium-sized businesses at reasonable prices, while working independently or through our affiliation with the prestigious Chang An Law Firm in Beijing and close working relationships with law firms of all sizes throughout China.

Depositions are the most important part of discovery, and witness presentation is the most important part of trial. For such reasons, many major law firms in the United States and China hire JJS APC to perform the crucial task of interacting with witnesses and preparing them for deposition and trial, and also to educate their foreign clients as to the process of litigating before a foreign tribunal, preparing strategy and interacting with attorneys, documenting the factual bases of their cases, and preparing and responding to discovery.

Start Building An Effective Legal Strategy Today

To speak with a Los Angeles China business litigation attorney who has played a major role in the success of Chinese-American business relations clients for more than 20 years, contact lawyer Justin J. Shrenger toll-free at 800-785-7031, or email our firm to arrange your initial consultation.