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An American Law Firm With A Strong Presence In China

The Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, A Professional Corporation (JJS APC), was established in 1994, and since then, we have continuously been involved in the provision of high-quality legal services for companies doing business in China.

JJS APC was one of the first law firms in the world to specialize in this area of law. Despite its small size, our firm has played a major role in the development of Chinese-American business relations. We offer thorough legal skill and knowledge, fluency in the Chinese language – eliminating the possibility of misunderstandings between new partners – and attentive, one-on-one personal service that many larger firms have neither the time nor inclination to provide.

JJS APC is one of the only reasonably priced alternatives available to small and medium-sized businesses that has the knowledge necessary to analyze Chinese legal problems and aid in the cost-efficient, sensible resolution of such problems.

Forging Relationships That Make A Difference

Our firm is affiliated with the prestigious Chang An Law Firm in Beijing. Justin J. Shrenger serves as its foreign legal expert. In addition, JJS APC maintains close working relationships with large, medium and small law firms throughout China.

Protecting Your Business Interests In The U.S. And China

At JJS APC, we act as an interface or a “key” to working directly with talented and well-connected law firms within China that are able to perform legal services in China. We can provide this service without the expense and cumbersome interface process associated with the large international firms that are, for the most part, the only true alternative to JJS APC.

We are so good at this, in fact, that we offer professional services to many major American law firms, such as:

  • Litigation support that includes facilitation of communication with clients
  • Assisting in propounding and responding to discovery
  • Preparing witnesses for deposition and trial
  • Developing the factual underpinning of cases

No matter how complex your U.S. business need is, we have the skill and experience to resolve it for you. From protecting intellectual property to developing a case that will go to trial, our attorneys will defend your interests at every stage of the process.

More Than 20 Years Of International Law Experience

JJS APC has built a significant reputation for achieving positive results for a diverse list of corporations doing business in China. That list includes NYSE-listed public companies as well as startup entities owned by inventors and entrepreneurs who are new to the business world.

Our founder, Los Angeles international law attorney Justin J. Shrenger, has expertly used his legal skills, talent for creative solutions and fluency in the Chinese language to play a major role in the success of Chinese-American business relations clients for more than 20 years. JJS APC can be instrumental in advancing your individual and commercial goals. Learn about our attorneys by clicking the link below:

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights In The U.S. And China

Contact Justin J. Shrenger at our law firm to arrange your initial consultation with a skilled California international business lawyer. Call toll free today – 800-785-7031. Your email message receives our prompt attention.

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