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Mark Davis, Ph.D., CTO of VIA Telecom, Inc.:

We have used Justin Shrenger in a broad range of areas, including patent and copyright licensing, employment law, M&A, and many types of business and engineering contracts. He has great experience and knowledge in these and many other areas. And most importantly, his experience includes not only drafting agreements, but also litigation. Even if you don’t foresee litigation, an attorney with experience in litigation is always able to give you more concrete and practical answers on any legal question. Rather than describing what might happen in theory, Justin can describe what would be likely to happen in practice. That is a vast difference, and much more useful in making an informed decision or concluding a negotiation successfully. Also, it is very cost effective to ask a question and get an experience-based answer. Often it takes Justin 10 seconds to answer what would take a junior attorney many (billable) hours to research. In effect, we benefit from past experience that we didn’t pay for.

Shen Yen, CEO of Eco World, LLC:

石仁格大律師, 是一位正直, 忠肯, 判斷案情思想綿密, 保護當事人的權益非常周全, 是一位不可多得的好律師. Justin Shrenger is honest, loyal, and interested in offering true assistance to his clients. He is capable of using good critical analysis to determine the true merit of legal action. He protects the interests of the his client and is very comprehensive. He is a rarity, a truly good lawyer.

Nick Chen, Ph.D., CEO Coolpad Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Shrenger has been instrumental in corporate, litigation, and business matters in connection with the establishment of our subsidiary of a major Chinese manufacturing entity. He is a unique lawyer who has a good grasp of the fields of law relevant to running a business in the United States, as well as the linguistic and cultural capability of assisting major Chinese entities in establishing and conducting business in the United States. Our Company feels very comfortable entrusting our legal affairs to him.

Lingling Martin, principal, Ko & Martin, translators

Mr. Shrenger not only has a good command of the Chinese language but he is exceptionally good at preparing Chinese witnesses for testimony in deposition and trial, something that not many people are able to do. More than mere translation for Chinese witnesses is needed when litigating in the United States; rather those witnesses need to be prepared to testify in a manner that can be accepted by Western triers of fact, and it is in this area, as well as knowledge of law, that Mr. Shrenger excels.

Bing Kho, CPA, Kho & Patel, Certified Public Accountants

As a CPA I often have clients who have legal problems and I recommend that many work with Justin Shrenger. He has obtained excellent results on behalf of our clients. In one of the cases, Mr. Shrenger was able to resolve the matter on the pleadings alone and obtain a dismissal after a series of demurrers were sustained without leave to amend. No doubt, he is a great litigation lawyer.