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A Trusted Expert Witness For Rule 44 Cases Involving Chinese Laws

In an age of expanding globalization, business interests may span countries throughout the globe. Legal interests also intersect, which may require the consideration of a foreign statute in an American court of law.

Under the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure, Rule 44.1 states that “A party who intends to raise an issue about a foreign country’s law must give notice by a pleading or other writing.” If a party wishes to raise an issue of foreign law, they must call an expert witness to explain the law and its application. With the many business ties between the United States and China, the need for expert witnesses who are well versed in Chinese law is more pressing than ever.

An Attorney With Deep Knowledge Of Chinese Language And Law

At our firm, the Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, APC in Los Angeles, our founding attorney has been studying Chinese law, language and culture since 1994. His more than 20 years of experience practicing in U.S. and Chinese courts make him a sought-after source of expert testimony in cases involving U.S.-Chinese trade and commerce.

As an American who is fluent in Chinese, Justin Shrenger has the communication skills necessary for explaining the nuances of Chinese laws before American judges and juries. His knowledge of China goes well beyond language. Throughout his career, he has studied extensively and immersed himself in Chinese culture, giving him a rare perspective on the nuances of life, language and law in China.

Contact An Expert Witness In Chinese Law

If you are seeking an expert witness on Chinese law, JJS APC is here to help you explore your options. Contact our firm online or by telephone at 800-785-7031.