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Clearing Obstacles For Conducting Business In China

U.S. companies seeking to sell their product in China, or have their products manufactured in China, soon find themselves confronted with often-confusing barriers of law, language, preference and custom. An experienced international law attorney can help you navigate this complex terrain. A lawyer well-versed in Chinese culture, language and law can prove especially valuable. For numerous clients doing business in China, our founding attorney, Justin J. Shrenger, has served that role.

Justin Shrenger has studied Chinese culture since 1994 and has been handling legal matters in China and the U.S. for more than 20 years. He is well positioned to help you achieve your legal objectives in China and clear your path to profit from international trade.

The Importance Of Understanding Culture

The challenges of conducting business in China cannot be overstated. A business deal must not only be legally sound under Chinese laws; it must also be attractive to Chinese buyers. No aspect of the trade can conflict with local business customs. Any misunderstanding in language can prove devastating to the deal.

Chinese consumers may have no interest in a product that is popular in the U.S. Conversely, there may be a strong demand for products that have no appeal in America. Before diving into these deep waters, you can benefit immensely by consulting with an attorney who has immersed himself in Chinese culture for decades.

Our attorney, Justin Shrenger, can review your business plan, draft contracts, protect your intellectual property, handle disputes and address any legal issues you encounter in your quest to do business in China.

Conduct Business In China With Confidence

To learn more about JJS APC and how we can help you achieve your business and legal objectives in China, contact our firm online or by telephone at 800-785-7031.