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What businesses are booming in China?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Business Formation Planning

The Chinese market may be facing many challenges with current events. However, the economy is still growing at a rapid rate. U.S. business owners and investors are still actively building their businesses in China to reach the globalized market. 

China allows many kinds of businesses to operate in their market, but it might be beneficial for business owners to know which industries are currently having the most success in the Chinese market.

What are some of the top industries in China?

It is common to hear about the tech industry in China, especially with large companies like Apple expanding their business overseas. However, there are many more successful industries in China. A few of the booming industries in China for the last few years include:

  1. Food: The consumer base for the food industry rarely wanes, so business owners know the food industry can be a safe investment. However, that does not mean it is less successful. The food industry sees considerable success in China, from importing foreign food brands to opening restaurants.
  2. Medical: The Chinese government and market are also welcoming a wide variety of medical businesses. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can all find success in the current and future market. 
  3. Internet businesses: As Chinese consumers turn to online shopping and digital markets, the need for internet businesses grows. This includes online stores and new apps.
  4. Eco-friendly energy: As the Chinese government moves to reduce pollution, the market is open to clean energy businesses, such as those that specialize in solar and wind energy construction.

Why are these industries booming?

All business owners know that the market fluctuates constantly. As the market changes, different industries rise to meet the consumers’ changing needs. 

However, there is another reason these particular industries do well in the Chinese market. China’s Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment includes all of these industries in the list of encouraged businesses. That means that the Chinese government usually approves these businesses–as long as they comply with the laws and regulations. 

The fact that both Chinese consumers and the government look for these industries contributes to their growth and potential for U.S. business owners looking to enter the Chinese market.