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Improvements made in doing business in China

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

The market in China is too big for American businesses to ignore. Despite pessimistic assessments, there are signs that America and China are resolving business issues.

In its analysis, the Brookings Institution highlighted areas of success. While China only joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, we are closer to China regarding issues of security and trade than ever before.

Putting a positive spin on Chinese legislative efforts

Considering the number of global competitors U.S. businesses have, it’s a mistake to ignore the Chinese market. As one Chinese publication notes, its government is making moves to improve the stability of employment.

Legislators wish to see more innovation and development. To do this, they are making efforts to address tax policies and tax reduction. In doing so, they hope to stimulate manufacturing. This includes heavier investments in the manufacturing field.

China also wishes to encourage U.S. investments. For example, China has made improvements concerning currency and global imbalance matters. And there’s new legislation aimed at protecting intellectual property rights.

There is always room to grow. While foreign investments in China have increased by nearly 70 percent over the past year, China continues not to provide American businesses with substantial market access.

Investment in Chinese interests will continue to bring with it challenges. Any company that plans on doing business in China will require assistance regarding company formation, legal issues surrounding such investment, and guidance concerning potential risks. Finding experienced and knowledgeable advice concerning such matters is invaluable and difficult to come by. Mistakes can prove costly.