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Opening of an American Chinese restaurant in China

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

An American restaurant chain known for its Chinese cuisine is looking towards expanding in China. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, with 300 locations across the world, hopes to sell its own version of Americanized Chinese food to the Chinese nation.

In the brief time it’s been open to business in China, the chain’s CEO estimates that 70 percent of customers are Chinese residents. The remaining customers are tourists or other individuals taking up residence in China.

The CEO feels that Chinese residents are increasingly willing to experiment in trying new foods. And while what the chain labels its offerings as Chinese, it’s a version of Chinese food more familiar to Americans.

Expanding into a new market

Whenever a new company wishes to do business in China, a significant amount of business planning must take place. Generally, such businesses will partner with a local Chinese firm. This is in part because choosing the right location for a business may prove difficult.

The CEO for this chain emphasizes the importance of partnering with individuals who understand the Chinese language and culture. For this reason, he partners with team members in the U.S. with connections in China.

Finding the supplies and ingredients for running the business can be even more challenging. In this particular instance, the restaurant must import a number of ingredients from other nations as not all items are easy to locate.

There are also challenges in hiring and training staff. This requires careful and efficient planning. Training can prove particularly expensive for new companies.

Having available legal representation in dealing with unresolved issues

It’s a complex task to do business in China. Not putting forth the appropriate amount of planning can lead to business failure. Also, having someone available who can provide a support network for the business in invaluable.

It is important to avail you of the sorts of representation that can help your business thrive.