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What can The Year of the Dog mean for your business?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2018 | Blog

Friday marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year, marking the Year of the Dog.

Even if you do not believe in the Chinese zodiac, there are things to consider about what the next year means to Chinese natives and how that may color your business interactions. According to legend, the traits of each year’s animal are said to portend to the characteristics not only of those born in those years, but the conditions and trends of the year. 



Dog characteristics

The defining characteristic of the Dog is loyalty. Honesty and reliability are traits you should want in business, and this is a year to focus on ensuring your business partners and clients can trust you to bring those traits to the table. You should also make it clear those are the minimum expectations you have from anyone with whom you do business.

Other traits attributed to dogs are persistency, perceptiveness, positivity, toughness and helpfulness. As you move into the New Year, remain positive and stay the course through tough times.

Be keenly aware of ways you can improve business relationships and when to seek help if dealings go sour. Know that if you do need help, we will be dogged in fighting for you.

The Dog in Chinese culture

In terms of yin and yang, the Dog is seen as yang: Positive, bright and sunny. Try to see the positivity in your business dealings, as the Chinese zodiac anticipates this will be a bright year. 

And finally, a popular name for dogs in China is Wàng Cái, which means “prosperous wealth.” We hope that is exactly what the New Year brings you and your business!