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U.S. businesses and market access concerns regarding China

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

Pursuing opportunities in China can have many complex aspects for U.S. companies. So, there are many concerns owners of such businesses may have in connection to doing business in China. This includes worries about how legal issues and disputes that come up for their company in China will impact their company in the present and the future.

So, there are many questions owners of U.S. companies may have when complicated legal issues or disputes come up during the course of doing business in China. This includes questions regarding what actions to take in response to such matters. Where a company goes to for answers to such questions can matter considerably, given the major stakes that can be attached to how legal issues related to doing business in China are handled. This is one of the many reasons why the advice of a lawyer knowledgeable in U.S.-China business matters can be a crucial thing for a U.S. company to have when engaging in business in China.

Another thing U.S. companies with business ties to China may have big concerns about are what policies the Chinese government decides to pursue in regards to business issues. One such issue that could have particularly big impacts for such companies is market access and openness. This issue has significant ramifications regarding what opportunities are available in China for foreign firms.

China has come under criticism recently in relation to market access. Some foreign businesses have voiced frustration about the current conditions they face in China. Also, some countries, including the U.S., have leveled allegations that China is failing to comply with its free-trade commitments by hampering market access to foreign firms.

One wonders if this is contributing to slumping foreign investment in China. Statistics point to such investment being down so far this year.

Recently, a Communist Party spokesperson in China made some comments regarding the issue of market access. He commented that:

  • China remains committed to market openness.
  • The country will provide protection to foreign investors’ “legitimate rights and interests.”
  • An upcoming technology plan in China will have equal application to domestic and foreign firms.

It will be interesting to see what policy direction China ends up taking in upcoming months and years when it comes to market access and openness. One wonders if this direction will reflect the reassurances the spokesperson recently made.