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Survey points to Chinese consumers having a fair level of trust in IoT devices

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

New technologies can carry all kinds of new potential capabilities. Consumers from different countries can vary considerably in what concerns and level of trust they have when it comes to such capabilities.

One class of new technology that has been growing a lot lately are connected devices. This technology is sometimes referred to as the internet of things (IoT). One capability household IoT devices could have the potential to have is the ability to order goods on their own for a consumer. A recent survey indicates that Chinese consumers would have a fair amount of trust in IoT devices when it comes to this capability.

In the survey, consumers from several different countries were asked about how comfortable they would be with an IoT device ordering things for them without first asking for permission. Of the Chinese consumers surveyed, around 61 percent said they would be fine with this, while just 18 percent said that they were uneasy about this idea.

Now, Chinese consumers didn’t show the highest comfort level among the surveyed consumers when it comes to this possible IoT capability. That position was held by Brazilian consumers. However, they did show the second highest comfort level.

Sometimes, U.S. companies look to pursue business opportunities related to a new technology in a foreign market, such as China. What concerns and trust levels the consumers in that foreign market have regarding the new technology could have major impacts on what sorts of business and marketing strategies would likely be effective when pursuing such opportunities.

One wonders what impacts the trust levels Chinese consumers have when it comes to IoT devices will have on their consumer behavior when it comes to such devices and what this will end up meaning for U.S. companies wishing to sell such devices in China.

In addition to Chinese consumer trust levels and concerns, another thing it can be very important for a U.S. company to pay close attention when looking to sell goods that use a new class of technology in China are what specific legal issues, including regulatory issues, would be connected to selling such goods in the Chinese market. Not being aware of such legal issues or not giving such issues the attention they need could cause all kinds of problems for such a company. So, seeking out knowledgeable guidance on such issues can be critical.