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Making proper adjustments important when expanding into China

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

Some U.S. business owners make the decision that it is in their company’s best interests to expand into the Chinese market. Given the large size of China’s market, this market can provide a range of opportunities for businesses. However, expanding into China can also carry many challenges with it.

So, companies can vary quite a bit in how successful their efforts to expand into China turn out. One thing that can impact the success likelihood of such an effort is how a company addresses the legal issues related to establishing a business presence in China.

The Chinese legal system has many unique aspects when it comes to businesses, so properly adapting their approach to the specifics of Chinese law can be important for a U.S. business when it is setting up new operations in China. U.S.-China business lawyers can guide U.S. companies through the legal steps and issues related to expanding their business presence into China.

Another thing that can impact how a U.S. company’s efforts to expand into the Chinese market go is how good of a job the company does at adjusting to the market it is entering into. Just like the Chinese legal system, the Chinese market has a variety of things that make it distinct from its U.S. counterpart. Also, each particular region in China can have its own unique market characteristics.

A recent China Business Review article looked at a couple of success stories of U.S. businesses expanding into the Chinese market to draw out some lessons on adapting to the market in China. Among the lessons the article took from the success stories was the importance of:

  • Taking efforts to understand the unique concerns and demands of the customers one will be directing one’s products/services towards.
  • Exercising care to stay in compliance with applicable Chinese business regulations and policies.
  • Working with local officials or businesses to better understand and navigate the market one is entering into.