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China remains on America’s IP watch list

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

Countries vary considerably in their intellectual property laws and the level of protection they give businesses when it comes to intellectual property. How is China doing on this front?

Well, the U.S. argues that China still has a ways to go. China remains on an intellectual property watch list kept by the U.S. government. A recent U.S. Trade Representative report argues that parties from the U.S. face “serious challenges” when it comes to protecting their intellectual property rights in China.

China, meanwhile, contests these claims. China’s Commerce Ministry argues that the country has given the protection of intellectual property considerable attention and that the U.S. report isn’t being fair and objective in its analysis. Further, the Commerce Ministry said that China’s continued inclusion on the watch list has left the nation seriously concerned.

Intellectual property issues have long been a source of challenges within U.S.-China relations. One wonders what impacts China’s continued presence on the watch list will have and what measures China will be taking in the future in the area of intellectual property protection.

In addition to having effects on U.S.-China relations, intellectual property protection issues in China can also have considerable impacts on U.S. companies that have a business presence in China. A business’ trademarks and other intellectual property can be critical aspects of its brand, operations and overall business plans. So, keeping intellectual property protected can be critical in a company’s efforts to stay competitive in a given market. Given this, U.S. businesses may want an experienced lawyer’s help with efforts to protect their intellectual property in China.

Source: Reuters, “China concerned by inclusion on U.S. intellectual property watch list,” May 10, 2017