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March 2017 Archives

American Airlines and China Southern forming ties

Among the ways a U.S. company may try to increase its presence in China is to engage in strategic cooperation with a Chinese company. An example of this is currently occurring in the airline industry. Specifically, U.S.-based American Airlines and China-based China Southern Airlines are in the process of developing a strategic cooperation.

2017 started strong for California exports

One of the business ties a California business can have to China is exporting goods to that country. Many things can have a big impact on California businesses that have a good amount of their business directed towards exports to China. One is how they handle any legal disputes that come up for them in China during the course of their export operations. What ends up happening with such disputes could have impacts on a California exporter’s business prospects in China in the short term and the long term. So, a business may want knowledgeable legal guidance when such disputes arise.

What is California’s top export?

Businesses here in the U.S. export a wide range of different products to other countries. The different states vary quite a bit in what exports are prominent in them. A recent Business Insider article noted the top export of each state, based on total dollar value. The article looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau in determining these top exports.

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