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3 etiquette tips for conducting business in China

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Blog, Business Law

Different nations have different methods of conducting business. The more you research and understand the specific practices and customs of a particular country, the less likely you are to make unintentional missteps that might make you look careless or hurt your business’s bottom line.

Per CNBC, there are certain things you may want to keep in mind when conducting business in China. Whether it is your first time visiting China or you visit the country on a regular basis, here are three etiquette tips to keep in mind while there.

Tip 1. Take care with your appearance

Making a solid first impression is important in Chinese business culture, and the expectations as far as dress differs from those in the United States. In general, U.S. businesses tend to be more casual when it comes to clothes. In China, employees are more prone to dressing to impress, which typically involves wearing modest, quality attire.

Tip 2. Avoid pointing

There are certain acts that you may not think twice about doing in America that may raise ire if you do them elsewhere. Pointing is one such example. While it is common to point in the United States, the Chinese consider pointing to be rude.

Tip 3. Acknowledge seniority

Seniority is of monumental importance in Chinese business culture. Be sure to show respect for the Chinese business leaders with whom you speak or work. Your company’s highest-ranking workers should also enter the room first and take responsibility for introducing the rest of the team.

While you want to remember to dress well, not point and respect those with more experience, remember, too, to be an authentic version of yourself.