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How make your Chinese clients feel at home?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2022 | Business Law

Due to the opportunistic and large economy that China has to offer, businesspeople find a lot of success in taking their business over there.

However, it is important to brush up on etiquette and knowledge about customs in China. In doing so, it is easier to create a comfortable environment that can encourage deals, partnerships and more.

How you present yourself

CNBC discusses some of the tips regarding etiquette for partnerships with Chinese businesspeople. First, understand the value of a first impression. Chinese businesspeople will always look at how someone presents himself or herself first and foremost.

The exhibition of status while maintaining modesty is one of the best ways to make a good first impression. This means pairing a more conservative style with a few high-quality items.

Other tips for a good first impression include making eye contact, but not keeping it for long. Handshakes in other cultures tend to be softer, as well. If the client leads with a bow first, rather than going in for a handshake, then it is best to accommodate and match their lead.

Your overall demeanor

Next, make a good impression with demeanor. Have content that addresses the ideals or interests of a potential business partner. Allow the guest to lead the conversation, though, and do not start the discussion about business until the other party brings it up first.

You can also create a business card with the information in both English and Chinese, too. Small but thoughtful gestures like this go a long way in terms of making a good impression. After all, people want to work with those who extend consideration and kindness their way.