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Preparing for a meeting with your Chinese clients

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Blog, Business Law

Doing business in China has many benefits because of its large and opportunistic economy. Developing successful relationships with Chinese counterparts requires a basic knowledge of business etiquette.

In preparation for a meeting with Chinese clients, you should expect to spend some time rehearsing your actions. Proactively looking ahead can help you to feel comfortable and confident in welcoming your international guests.

Dressing the part

Prior to any business gathering, knowing the dress requirements can help you plan ahead. According to CNBC, Chinese business professionals place a lot of value on first impressions. Experts recommend pairing high-quality items with a conservative style in order to maintain modesty while also exhibiting status.

When greeting your guest, you can make eye contact. However, keep this connection brief. Another difference in Chinese culture from the United States is that handshakes are not as strong. When you extend your hand, keep contact soft.

Acting the part

Just as with any other business collaboration, your demeanor can speak volumes of your confidence. Come well prepared with content that addresses the interests and ideals of your Chinese counterpart. However, wait to begin discussing business-related topics until your guest brings them up in conversation. You may also consider creating a dual business card that contains key information in both English and Chinese. This meaningful gesture may improve your credibility in the eyes of your guest.

If you plan to negotiate a contract with an international client, you may consider involving an attorney. Legal professionals may have the experience of providing guidance throughout the process of contract negotiation so you can put your best foot forward and represent your company with confidence.