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Experienced Los Angeles international business lawyer Justin J. Shrenger of the Law Offices of Justin J. Shrenger, A Professional Corporation (JJS APC), provides high-quality advice and counsel for companies seeking to establish exclusive license ideas and products, inside the U.S. or China, and litigation of disputes when ideas are, or are alleged to be, appropriated without permission.

JJS APC was established in 1994 to assist companies of all sizes with the legal aspects of doing business in China. Justin J. Shrenger studied in China in the mid-1980s and has devoted his career to the representation of Chinese doing business in the U.S. and Americans and others doing business in China, including rights to trademarks and intellectual property.

As one of the first law firms in the world to specialize in this area of law, it has played a major role in the development of Chinese-American business relations.

Southern California Chinese Trademark And IP Attorney Justin J. Shrenger

JJS APC has substantial experience with protecting the rights and interests of companies in the wireless technology industry — businesses with significant trademark and intellectual property interests at stake for valuable product ideas, slogans and other properties that are uniquely their own.

Justin J. Shrenger analyzes, and helps you to understand, both your business and the technology behind it — the costs of preserving your rights to that property. He can conduct strategic counseling that helps you to position and preserve your intellectual property assets today and in the future.

JJS APC represents corporate clients in trademark infringement cases as well, both in and out of court. Contact China/U.S. trademark and intellectual property attorney Justin J. Shrenger to arrange your initial consultation. Call toll free to 800-785-7031 or send an email message.

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