ACI Express, Inc.

Advanced Sports, Inc.

Air China International Corp., Inc.

American Association of Cosmetology Schools

Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co. Inc.

California Industrial City Development Co., Inc.

California Cosmetology Coalition

China M&E Co., Ltd. (CMEC)

City of Beijing, Daxing Real Estate Commission

City of Yantai, Real Estate Commission

City of Zhuhai, Business Promotion Division

DSW, Inc.

Dynasty Wine Co., Ltd.

Eastern Tools & Equipment, Inc.

Eidetics Corporation

Fritz Jou Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Fuji America, Inc.

Giant Union Corporation.

Henan University – SIAS International School.

Ideal Bike Co., Ltd.

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

金华市宏鹰工艺品有限公司 Jinhua Shi Hongying Gongyipin Youxian Gongsi

Master Quality Tools & Machinery Inc.

Merit International, LLC


Nichibei Fuji Bicycle Co., Ltd.

NXT Equities, Inc.

Omnium Cycle Works, LLC

Oppo Originals, Inc.

Oriental Group Co., Ltd.

Pacific Communications Network, LLC

Paston Industrial Co., Ltd.

Paradise Computer Technologies Company, Limited

Province of Marinduque, Republic of Philippines

Province of Batangas, Republic of Philippines

Radical Studios

Relativity Media

Sansonic Electronics (USA) LLC

Shoe Republic (LA), Inc.

SHARP Electronics

SMAC, Inc.

Suzhou Silk I&E Co., Ltd.


Tongfang Energy & Environment Co., Ltd.

Tongfang Electronics International Co., Ltd.

Tongfang PC Co., Ltd.

Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd.

VIA Telecom, Inc.

VIA Telecom Co., Ltd.

VIA Technologies, Inc.

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