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Evidence gathering challenges in Chinese business litigation

On paper, China is a signatory to several international treaties intended to facilitate access to justice when commercial disputes arise and trigger business litigation. Those experienced in the process, though, will confirm that resolving such disputes is not a simple one.

What are key business litigation differences in China's system?

Cultural diversity is a reality of the business world today. Global trade is happening at a faster clip than ever before. With diversity in trade comes a variety in legal processes from country to country. Many in the United States have a concept of how the law works here based on personal experience. Still, many an entrepreneur has been caught short by subtle differences in laws from state to state.

Corruption case could mean more scrutiny of US-China business

Could the operational environment for cooperative business ventures between Chinese and U.S. companies be in for some closer scrutiny? That's what some legal experts are predicting in the wake of charges filed in a high profile case under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

What we know better about China cyber security law

A Chinese law intended to tighten Cybersecurity within that country's borders are now in effect. We wrote about this development earlier this year, just ahead of its formal enactment. That post provided a general overview of the burden it would place on foreign companies looking to do business in the People's Republic of China.

U.S. businesses and market access concerns regarding China

Pursuing opportunities in China can have many complex aspects for U.S. companies. So, there are many concerns owners of such businesses may have in connection to doing business in China. This includes worries about how legal issues and disputes that come up for their company in China will impact their company in the present and the future.

Will 2017 be a big year for international business activity?

For some U.S. companies, international business activity (such as business with China) is a big part of their operations. A recent survey suggests that, among big companies at least, 2017 might be a year of increased international business activity for U.S. companies.

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