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The U.S. to hold off on tariffs concerning Chinese imports

After months of interruptions in trade talks between the United States and China, President Trump announced that there had been “substantial progress.” Such progress will lead to the U.S. postponing implementation of higher tariffs.

The opportunities and challenges of doing business in China

Many businesses have concerns about operational costs and regulatory scrutiny when doing business. This is not unique to doing business in any particular location. And while there are obstacles to doing business in China, there are also many reasons for why businesses wish to relocate there.

Introduction of the proposed foreign investment law in China

We have spoken many times about Chinese efforts to introduce legislation that provides greater protections for foreign businesses. However, there continues to be debate regarding the effectiveness of legislative efforts.

U.S. legislators hope to protect business interests in China

China has the power to control and even hamper business conducted by American companies. According to one news post, China has vamped up its regulations. They have also increased surprise inspections concerning American businesses. This is motivating American legislators to act.

Trade war leading to delays and increased inspections in China

With talks of trade wars between the U.S. and China, conducting business in China is becoming more difficult for American companies. This is in great part due to the Chinese government implementing tougher regulations. Chinese officials are also more likely to reject shipments after surprise inspections.

Strategists suggest not waiting too long to do business in China

When American companies delay in doing business in China, it may only mean that other businesses from throughout the world will take advantage of the circumstances. American companies have been hesitant to enter into business negotiations in China. This may be a mistake since China is now the world’s second largest economy.

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