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October 2019 Archives

Are China’s IP protections stronger than business owners believe?

When U.S. business owners want to enter the Chinese market, many of them worry about the safety of their intellectual property. China’s IP laws meet the World Trade Organization’s standards, but many people still worry about IP theft, since these laws are not often strictly enforced.

Will the U.S. and China establish a reciprocity agreement?

It is no secret that there currently exists monumental tension within business and trade operations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Meanwhile, innumerable contracts continue to connect the two countries despite seemingly incompatible regulations, political climates and investment strategies.

Terminating employees in China requires a specific process

In the United States, most employers reserve the right to hire or terminate at-will employees how they choose. They often do not have to cite a reason for the termination either, although they cannot terminate employees in retaliation for engaging in an activity protected by law.

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