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August 2019 Archives

Three tips for entering the Chinese marketplace

Most people understand that starting a business in another country will be different than starting a business here in the United States. What some people don’t realize is just how different China’s market is from the United States’. Because of cultural differences, there may be more hoops to jump through when entering the Chinese marketplace.

Should businesses consider a joint venture in China?

In some cases, the only way businesses can establish themselves in China is through a joint venture. Chinese law often requires U.S. businesses to use joint ventures, so they are some of the most common entities overseas. 

No discovery? Then business owners must maintain evidence

Most court proceedings in the U.S. involve the discovery procedure. Discovery occurs before the trial—or alternative dispute resolution process. It allows parties to obtain evidence that supports their claim by way of conducting interviews or requesting records from the other party. 

Salesforce and Alibaba: A beneficial partnership for all?

The cloud is a new way for individuals to store anything from photos to music or documents. However, it also allows people to use streaming services such as Netflix or communicate with people across the globe through Microsoft OneDrive. It connects the world through the internet like never before.

Whose interests does a translator represent during negotiations?

Sometimes in a business negotiation, it can feel like you and the other party are speaking a different language. You both have something the other wants, but getting to an agreement is challenging.

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