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February 2019 Archives

The U.S. to hold off on tariffs concerning Chinese imports

After months of interruptions in trade talks between the United States and China, President Trump announced that there had been “substantial progress.” Such progress will lead to the U.S. postponing implementation of higher tariffs.

The opportunities and challenges of doing business in China

Many businesses have concerns about operational costs and regulatory scrutiny when doing business. This is not unique to doing business in any particular location. And while there are obstacles to doing business in China, there are also many reasons for why businesses wish to relocate there.

Chinese business deals may be more complex than you thought

For many companies, “business as usual” includes an occasional dispute. Whether it relates to a contractual matter, personal injury or copyright infringement allegation, most companies face legal trouble at some point. However, when those issues become a matter of international law, they immediately grow in complexity. But what does that have to do with a cellular company?

Current intellectual property concerns in China

Intellectual property concerns patents, trademarks and trade secrets, copyrights and copyrighted works. Because it is so valuable to companies, legislators design laws concerning intellectual property in order to protect inventors, authors, musicians and authors. Yet concerns of intellectual property theft in China continue.

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