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October 2018 Archives

Trade negotiations and “poison pill” provisions

The United States continues in its efforts to place pressure on China on opening up its markets. This pressure was in evidence in the agreement the U.S. had with Mexico and Canada. In that agreement, the U.S. added a provision allowing nations to exit deals with a “non-market country.” According to U.S. officials, China would be one of these non-market countries.

IP concerns and doing business in China

Chinese officials have a number of tools at their disposal to force American companies to turn over its intellectual property. Sometimes Chinese business partners will gain access to the technology. In other instances, the Chinese government itself can demand the turning over of trade secrets information.

Differing perspectives concerning intellectual property and China

There appears to be obvious misunderstandings between China and the United States concerning intellectual property protection. And concerning differences, many authorities do not believe that China will budge.

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