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September 2018 Archives

The concerns of those doing business in China

Recent success of China’s middle class means that there is a pool of customers in that country that is too large for most businesses to ignore. Still, while domestic firms in China are thriving, foreign companies continue to struggle for a foothold.

Corporate establishment and investment in China

Culturally and legally, corporate investments in China are complex. It is vital to understand what sort of corporate structure to use. The right business entity can in some instances reduce costs and help the business cope with massive amount of regulations.

China’s new e-commerce law and IP protections

China recently adopted its e-commerce law. Its purported aim is to protect intellectual property rights as well as personal information. Those e-commerce operators that fail to fulfill their “duties to protect consumers” face significant financial penalties. This particularly applies to operators who fail to take steps to prevent intellectual property right infringement.

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