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July 2018 Archives

Do you need to learn Mandarin?

Of all the many barriers to doing business in China – distance, customs, laws, and so on – none is as personally challenging as language. Not being able to understand or be understood makes it difficult to simply get through the day, let alone conduct business.

Establishing one’s presence doing business in China

U.S. businesses are in direct competition with European companies in China. With tariffs and threats of trade wars, it is not an easy task for a business to remain competitive. Many European nations perceive the current disputes between China and the U.S. as an opportunity.

Concern for business grows in China

After many years of incredible growth, it’s only natural that the Chinese economy will pull back a little. Concerns about this are growing as the trade war with the United States sinks in as a reality.

The need for patience when investing in Chinese businesses

Though fears of trade wars are ongoing, there also are continuing negotiations that may result in American companies having greater leverage when doing business in China. Such companies will also have to remain patient.

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