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May 2018 Archives

China trade – never time to relax

Most of the world is applauding the recent thaw in relations between China and the US for good reason. A trade war doesn’t help anyone in the long run. More importantly, many US businesses have a stake in the Chinese economy now, as do more and more entrepreneurs.

Opening of an American Chinese restaurant in China

An American restaurant chain known for its Chinese cuisine is looking towards expanding in China. P.F. Chang's China Bistro, with 300 locations across the world, hopes to sell its own version of Americanized Chinese food to the Chinese nation.

China opens financial market

The developing trade war between China and the US has investors across the world nervous, and rightly so. When the rules might change suddenly, what once looked like a prudent investment can suddenly become a sinkhole caught up in international wrangling.

Despite trade deficits, China offers business opportunities

Despite what the trade deficit may suggest, doing business in China provides significant benefits for American companies. The trade deficit is now at $375 billion. But this deficit does consider the amount of business American companies are doing in China.

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