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December 2017 Archives

What are key business litigation differences in China's system?

Cultural diversity is a reality of the business world today. Global trade is happening at a faster clip than ever before. With diversity in trade comes a variety in legal processes from country to country. Many in the United States have a concept of how the law works here based on personal experience. Still, many an entrepreneur has been caught short by subtle differences in laws from state to state.

China culture differences present business challenges

When a country is big, there can be a lot of cultural variation. You don't find grits in the northern tier states. At the same time, you don't find hot dish in the south. This can make for some intriguing business challenges for small companies seeking to expand their reach beyond a local market. Obviously, the same holds true for expanding one's business internationally.

Crackdown on corruption in China

Under the control of President Xi Jinping, China has in the past five years witnessed an upsurge in the fight against corruption. This devoted struggle has translated directly to a rise in profitability margins of companies that had been weighed down by the vice. Before its decrease, corruption manifested itself in many different forms in such companies. Examples of such instances included; companies being compelled to hire ill-qualified relatives of local officials or the officials requiring hand-outs for ‘the favor’ of doing business in China.

Corruption case could mean more scrutiny of US-China business

Could the operational environment for cooperative business ventures between Chinese and U.S. companies be in for some closer scrutiny? That's what some legal experts are predicting in the wake of charges filed in a high profile case under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The importance of the employment contract in China business

One of the biggest differences anyone from the United States faces when trying to engage in business in China deals with culture. While U.S. business is generally rooted in an understanding of terms spelled out in contracts, those with experience in the ways of China appreciate that there's an emphasis on relationships.

What we know better about China cyber security law

A Chinese law intended to tighten Cybersecurity within that country's borders are now in effect. We wrote about this development earlier this year, just ahead of its formal enactment. That post provided a general overview of the burden it would place on foreign companies looking to do business in the People's Republic of China.

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