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November 2017 Archives

New Export Laws Coming to China?

According to a survey released in January 2017 by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, U.S. companies have already started to reconsider doing business in China for a number of reasons.

Business in China often means fighting TM squatters

If you have ever heard the phrase, "the devil is in the detail," you have one nugget of simple wisdom for how to protect your intellectual property when doing business in China. As we noted in one previous post, Chinese law on trademarks can be complicated and frustrating. Compared to U.S. intellectual property law, practices in China can seem arcane. Not only can cases take a great deal longer to resolve, but even positive outcomes can prove to be less than satisfactory.

Limits on foreign ownership of Chinese financial firms getting loosened

How much market access U.S. companies have to China varies based on industry. China has special market access restrictions for some industries. Among the restrictions China sometimes uses are limits on what percentage of ownership foreign firms can have in Chinese businesses.

Three things you might not know about doing business in China

There are so many differences between Chinese and American consumers. While as a business owner in the United States, you may have a fairly decent handle on the way that you need to market your goods to intended consumers. You know what they want, what they will pay and how they will react when they use your product.

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