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August 2017 Archives

Deciding how to enter the Chinese market

There isn’t just one way to enter the Chinese market. Rather, there are many different routes a U.S. company could go when it comes to such market entry. Examples of such routes include establishing a: wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture with a local company, sales office, representative office presence or market presence through use of an employment services company.

Shift occurring in the trademark protection environment in China?

There are various difficulties U.S. companies can encounter when doing business in China. This includes challenges when it comes to protecting their intellectual property. One form of intellectual property that can play a very critical role for a business are its trademarks.

Cross-border ecommerce and China

New technologies have created new ways for companies here in the U.S. to get their products to customers in foreign markets. One of these new methods is cross-border ecommerce. This is when a company in one country sells its products to customers in another country through an online platform.

Chinese court rules in Under Armour's favor in trademark case

Among the things that can create significant problems for a U.S. business operating in China are its trademarks being infringed. Among the legal actions a U.S. company may be able to take if it suspects one of its trademarks is being violated in China is pursuing a trademark infringement lawsuit in the Chinese legal system.

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