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July 2017 Archives

Important things to be aware of when starting business operations in China

Starting a business venture in China is something that can fill a U.S. business owner with both excitement and apprehension. Among the things they may be worried about is how their new business endeavor will fare given the many unique aspects of the Chinese market.

Service exports to China on the rise

Exports to China are an important revenue stream for a wide range of businesses here in the United States. Now, when it comes to exports, many people’s minds may go straight to goods. However, services can be exported as well. Statistics from a recent US-China Business Council report indicate that exports of services to China have grown significantly here in the U.S. in recent years.

Foreign brands’ consumer goods market share shrinking in China

U.S. companies can face many challenges in efforts to sell their products in China. Among these are legal difficulties. Among the things that can give rise to such difficulties are the unique aspects of Chinese law and the unique concerns related to navigating business law matters in China. Given the possibility of challenging legal matters coming up in connection to doing business in China, knowledgeable legal guidance can be a critical thing for a U.S. company to have when making efforts to sell products in the Chinese market.

Etiquette issues for business endeavors in China

Among the things that can raise special issues for U.S. companies when undertaking business endeavors in China are the differences between the U.S. and China. There are many types of such differences that can have business implications.

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