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May 2017 Archives

Chinese millennials have high home ownership levels

When selling products or services in China, one thing it is of great importance for a U.S. company to take into account is the unique market behavior of the particular consumers in China they are targeting. Some U.S. companies operating in China target their products/services towards millennials. Throughout the world, this generation is becoming an increasingly major consumer force.

New cyber security law may impact business in China

Many businesses operating in China understand the challenges that come from such a competitive marketplace. Staying relevant can be difficult, especially when it seems like the deck may be stacked against you. Rules and regulations change frequently, and sometimes they may have an adverse effect upon your ability to do business within the country.

Consumer views can have big impacts for companies doing business in China

Many customer views can have significant impacts on companies. This includes how positively consumers view businesses in general. It also includes the overall level of optimism among consumers.

Entering the Chinese market: What you must know about consumers

We have discussed earlier how difficult it can be for businesses to break into the Chinese marketplace. The ever-changing laws make it challenging for businesses to know the right steps to take to ensure that they are able to protect and profit from their ideas. While advancements in this area seemingly happen every day, business owners need to stay informed so that they can ensure a profitable presence in China.

Making proper adjustments important when expanding into China

Some U.S. business owners make the decision that it is in their company’s best interests to expand into the Chinese market. Given the large size of China’s market, this market can provide a range of opportunities for businesses. However, expanding into China can also carry many challenges with it.

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