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April 2017 Archives

Chinese courts issue ruling finding trademark infringement

The ever-changing marketplace in China has resulted in many questions regarding the proper steps to take to ensure that a company is able to protect its intellectual property rights. Recent changes to IP laws in the China have led to some positive developments for companies here in the U.S. that do business in the country.

Will 2017 be a big year for international business activity?

For some U.S. companies, international business activity (such as business with China) is a big part of their operations. A recent survey suggests that, among big companies at least, 2017 might be a year of increased international business activity for U.S. companies.

What a changing China means for your business

As a company that is doing business in China or hopes to expand there in the coming months, you need to be aware of the current shift that is happening within the country. Many changes have lead to additional challenges for businesses in the region, and it is important to know what this means in the long-term.

Report: China’s business environment tough for U.S. companies

Among the things that can have significant impacts on U.S. companies that invest in or have operations in China is the overall business environment in China. A recent report indicates that this environment might be a particularly challenging one for U.S. companies these days.

Three things to know about doing business in China

China is one of the most sought-after marketplaces in the entire world. Many companies are looking to do business there because of the huge potential that the country offers. Business owners looking to establish a base in China need to know what to expect when they are first starting out. This post discusses a few important details about doing business in China.

Protecting your intellectual property when doing business in China

Many businesses have customers throughout the world. There are people in several different foreign countries that depend upon these businesses to meet demand for a specific service that these companies offer. Business owners looking to enter the market place in some countries need to understand the potential legal challenges that they may face as things move forward.

Decision made in Chinese intellectual property case involving Apple

Sometimes, intellectual property disputes come up for a U.S. company in connection to its operations and activities in China. Recently, a Chinese court made a ruling in such a dispute involving Apple and its iPhone.

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