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Shift occurring in the trademark protection environment in China?

There are various difficulties U.S. companies can encounter when doing business in China. This includes challenges when it comes to protecting their intellectual property. One form of intellectual property that can play a very critical role for a business are its trademarks.

Chinese court rules in Under Amour’s favor in trademark case

Among the things that can create significant problems for a U.S. business operating in China are its trademarks being infringed. Among the legal actions a U.S. company may be able to take if it suspects one of its trademarks is being violated in China is pursuing a trademark infringement lawsuit in the Chinese legal system.

Protecting your intellectual property when doing business in China

Many businesses have customers throughout the world. There are people in several different foreign countries that depend upon these businesses to meet demand for a specific service that these companies offer. Business owners looking to enter the market place in some countries need to understand the potential legal challenges that they may face as things move forward.

Decision made in Chinese intellectual property case involving Apple

Sometimes, intellectual property disputes come up for a U.S. company in connection to its operations and activities in China. Recently, a Chinese court made a ruling in such a dispute involving Apple and its iPhone.

Protecting intellectual property when operating in China

When doing business in China, many things can impact how the experience ends up going for a U.S. company and what the experience ultimately does for the company’s long-term well-being and prospects. This includes how protected its intellectual property is.

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