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Weathering the storm

The rapidly escalating trade war between the US and China is definitely going to continue to affect business for a long time to come. The first to feel it will be importers and exporters, but eventually it has to hurt everyone.

Business taxes in China

As with any other nation, doing business in China requires every business to pay their taxes. The system is more confusing than many nations, however, and compliance can be difficult.

Is it worth the New Year's hassle to import from China?

For one month during the year, the factories in China grind to a complete stop. The country is considered to be the world’s largest exportation powerhouse. Meaning, they make the rules when it comes to what gets made and when. As China uses the lunar calendar, it puts the most significant Chinese holiday smack in the middle of many importers busiest production season. Chinese New Year is a beautiful tradition that can, unfortunately, lead to an array of problems. Some of which can leave you scrambling to protect yourself and your product in a foreign legal process.

The current climate regarding doing business in China

China is a land of opportunities that most US business cannot wait to venture into, thanks to its large economy and population. However, since the beginning of Trump administration, the political climate between the US and China has been heated up in what some business analyst term as a Trade War. Here are some facts that show the extent of strain in the business relationship between the two countries.

Potential disadvantages to doing business in China

China is among the most populated countries in the whole world which makes it one of the largest markets globally. Its move from being an export-oriented powerhouse makes China the most preferred business destination for all companies looking to expand abroad. Its economy has grown rapidly over the past decade.

Crackdown on corruption in China

Under the control of President Xi Jinping, China has in the past five years witnessed an upsurge in the fight against corruption. This devoted struggle has translated directly to a rise in profitability margins of companies that had been weighed down by the vice. Before its decrease, corruption manifested itself in many different forms in such companies. Examples of such instances included; companies being compelled to hire ill-qualified relatives of local officials or the officials requiring hand-outs for ‘the favor’ of doing business in China.

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