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Limits on foreign ownership of Chinese financial firms getting loosened

How much market access U.S. companies have to China varies based on industry. China has special market access restrictions for some industries. Among the restrictions China sometimes uses are limits on what percentage of ownership foreign firms can have in Chinese businesses.

Among the industries that currently have such limits in China are the banking, securities and insurance industries. Recently, the Chinese government announced plans to relax or lift the limits on foreign ownership for these three industries.

China’s Singles Day and U.S. retailers

Here in the U.S., a big shopping day is coming up in just a couple of weeks, Black Friday. China, however, will be seeing a big shopping event even sooner, this upcoming weekend in fact.

This is Singles Day, which is Nov. 11. It has grown into a major day of online shopping in China. Chinese consumers made billions of dollars worth of online purchases on this day last year.

China may be shifting to a more quality-of-life-focused economic vision

Many things can have impacts on U.S. companies, large and small, that do business in China. Among these are the overall policy focuses of the Chinese government.

It appears that the Chinese government may be undergoing a policy focus shift that could have big ramifications for foreign firms doing business in the country. This is a shift away from focusing primarily on spurring on high growth when it comes to the economy. The shift would be towards a greater focus on quality-of-life issues, such as worker standard-of-living issues and environmental issues. This shift was reflected in a recent speech given by Xi Jinping, China's president.

Three things you might not know about doing business in China

There are so many differences between Chinese and American consumers. While as a business owner in the United States, you may have a fairly decent handle on the way that you need to market your goods to intended consumers. You know what they want, what they will pay and how they will react when they use your product.

Successful business planning means identify potential issues and having concepts in place that eliminate these challenges. In this post, we discuss some important matters to keep in mind about the Chinese marketplace.

Chinese consumers and the global luxury goods market

Chinese consumers have become a major force in many industries. So, for U.S. companies in many different fields, the Chinese market could be very attractive and one that plays a big role in their overall business strategy.

There are many things that can be very impactful for a U.S. company that has a business strategy that relies heavily on the Chinese market. This includes the trends that occur in this market. It also includes what legal matters and disputes come up for the business in relation to its operations in this market and how it acts when such matters arise. So, whatever industry it is in, when a U.S. company relies heavily on business in China, the quality of the legal guidance it seeks out regarding Chinese business law issues can be of great significance.

U.S. businesses and market access concerns regarding China

Pursuing opportunities in China can have many complex aspects for U.S. companies. So, there are many concerns owners of such businesses may have in connection to doing business in China. This includes worries about how legal issues and disputes that come up for their company in China will impact their company in the present and the future.

So, there are many questions owners of U.S. companies may have when complicated legal issues or disputes come up during the course of doing business in China. This includes questions regarding what actions to take in response to such matters. Where a company goes to for answers to such questions can matter considerably, given the major stakes that can be attached to how legal issues related to doing business in China are handled. This is one of the many reasons why the advice of a lawyer knowledgeable in U.S.-China business matters can be a crucial thing for a U.S. company to have when engaging in business in China.

The difficulties of protecting IP rights in China

With a population in excess of 1.3 billion people, China is the most populated country in the world.  It also has one of the fastest growing economies and is continuing to see an improvement in infrastructure, education, and overall technology.  Because of this, China would be a great place for any business to operator or sell its products.

While there are some advantages of operating in China, there are some drawbacks as well.  One of the biggest drawbacks of operating and selling products in China is that it is extremely difficult to protect intellectual property compared to other countries.  There are several reasons why protecting intellectual property in China is challenging.  

U.S. investigating IP in China

Following the United States Government move to investigate China's involvement in the theft of intellectual property, a lot of speculations have been cast on its impact on small businesses with IP rights. We have looked at the possible outcome scenarios of the move. If you are interested in doing business in China, you are at the right place to learn a few tips and ideas that you may need to succeed. Information is crucial for the success of every business.


Common obstacles for new businesses in China

The Asian markets present a golden opportunity for businesses looking to expand. This area has a tremendous number of people who represent an avenue for new customer acquisition in addition to having a significant amount of technological advancement in recent decades. With these points in mind, a myriad of businesses are looking to expand their base by opening up branches in China; however, there are several obstacles and misconceptions that business executives and leaders should remember before laying the groundwork for this expansion process.

Etiquette tips for doing business in China

It's challenging to do business in a different country with different customs. This is especially true if you're doing business in China. Chinese people place a great deal of emphasis on etiquette and correct behavior, so if you want to close a big deal, you'll need to be aware of the nuances of Chinese business culture. Here are a few dos and don'ts for your next business trip to China.

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